Mann Overboard!!!!!

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Heh! I got a kick out of this!

Hashtag backfire: Mock-a-lanche triggered after global warming alarmist suing Mark Steyn solicits questions

Columnist, author and radio host Mark Steyn is being sued by man-made global warming alarmist and grand designer of the “hockey stick” graph, Michael Mann.

Today, Mann solicited climate questions using the #AskDrMann hashtag:

Our friend Soylent Green chimes in!

As Soylent infers, there’s plenty of fun to be had at Mann’s expense!

My favorite is this one!!!!

But, back to Steyn …..

By all means, click on the link in the Steyn Tweet. More fun at Mann. And, by all means, quiz Dr. Mann about climate crap, and tree rings, and how it’s not appropriate to splice graphs in unequal time measurements together.

Better yet, ask him the questions about trees and and you only get a hockey stick when you splice a recent temperature construction based upon…

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