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The epitome of ‘denial’

Watts Up With That? Rick McKee, editorial cartoonist for the Augusta Chronicle, sends me this political cartoon about climate change which he posted on his Facebook page and the WUWT Facebook page. It sums up perfectly what is wrong with … Continue reading

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Common Nonsense

Originally posted on the Air Vent:
Two things have my attention today, one is not climate related.   CIA contractors in immediate proximity of the American embassy in Benghazi were specifically told to stand down rather than protect the lives…

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Oh happy day, oh happy day. Have a drink–maybe 4

Originally posted on JunkScience.com:
Obsessives ruminate over things like healthy eating and, of course, very limited drinking of alcohol. But lookee here, research says. Thomas Lifson, the essayist, also Editor of American Thinker, and I, had a drink in…

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