World Freaks Out As Trump Tells Obvious Truths!!!!!

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Heh! I love this stuff!

So, much of the world is having a panic attack because of again. It’s a strange thing, this panic attack, because most of what he stated is incredibly obvious. (one could have come to most of these conclusions if people had read some of my earlier Suyts writings).

Is NATO obsolete? Well, yes, of course it is. It was created and designed to thwart the communist Soviet expansion into Western Europe. Sure, some believe Russia still has designs on much of the old Soviet bloc, but, I’m not convinced they do. But, even if they did, the nature and mission of NATO would be entirely different today, than its original design. I find Merkel’s response, well, charitably, interesting.

Merkel told reporters in Berlin when asked about Trump’s criticisms, adding that she will work towards getting the EU to strengthen the economy and fight terrorism.

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