Hilarious! Sierra Club & 350.org ditch polar bears as climate mascot, try ‘cat videos’ for climate change instead

Watts Up With That?

climate_march_catsIn the past we’ve seen polar bears dropped from the sky and animals committing suicide rather than face climate change.

Those didn’t go over very well. So, the Sierra Club and the McKibbenites muse to themselves; what to do? Why “kittens” of course.  We”ll borrow from the old National Lampoon Magazine cover and say “do this or the kitten gets it!”. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Now it’s “March or the Kitten Gets It!” as a way to promote the “March for Climate” in New York City on September 21st. I can just see weepy Bill McKibben breaking down again like some crazy cat lady for dramatic effect. If that had been an actual wind turbine at the end, that cat would be history…just like so many birds. Watch the video:

The video, posted three days ago according to comments on YouTube, so far has about 228…

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