But It Was Such A Great Law!!!!! Zerocare!!!! Dims Begging Zero To Waive Penalties!!!!

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So, Dims are now even begging Zero to waive (for now) part of this idiotic law.

As we all know and remember, Dims were ecstatic about this law, which is a law, sort of, but, can be easily altered by wave of Zero’s majestic hand.

Myself, and a few million more people stated that the people they were targeting to “help” couldn’t afford this idiocy. But, the law depends on the people who can’t afford it, to buy it, in order for it to be solvent.

No matter, we were told, it was a good buy and the people will thank us for it!!!


Three senior House Democrats are pleading with the Obama administration to bend the Obamacare rules to prevent their constituents and millions of Americans from being hit with Obamacare tax penalties.

Reps. Sander Levin…

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WTF???? Leftards Terrorizing Elderly People!!!! Protesting Their House!!!

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That’s the couple the left thought it was okay to protest in front of their home, today. Who knows what other elderly people they’ll wish to terrorize tomorrow?

This fine looking couple happens to be Gov. Scott Walker’s parent. Here’s a group of lunatics outside their home.


I think for the leftards to protest, a coward with his face masked is now a prerequisite.


Complete and utterly contemptible behavior from a group of scumbags.

Scott Walker has a long and celebrated history of standing up to and winning against public sector unions in the Wisconsin State Capitol, helping position him as a GOP front-runner for the White House in 2016. Unable to better Walker through official channels, a union-led mob today gathered in front of Walker’s parents’ private home in Wauwatosa.

Those girls should try that in Kansas. And, they wonder why people voted for Walker to rid them of…

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Cartoon Of The Day!!!!

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Meanwhile …..

This is just another example of leftarded stupidity. You see, the events of the radical lunatics doesn’t fit with the leftard’s world view. Rather than reassess their views because reality is in direct conflict with their views, they simply ignore reality. It’s become so prevalent with leftards, it’s difficult to converse with them because you always have to start with stating something real with which they can agree with. For instance, to this day, you can’t convince them that our temperature record has been altered in any meaningful way, in spite of the fact that it’s been demonstrated over and over again. To this day, there are many leftards who deny the impossible not to exist Laffer Curve. They simply refuse to acknowledge it.

Of course, all of us, to a degree, engage in such, but, for rational people, when reality slaps you in the face several times…

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Shock News!!!! Activists Find That It’s Better To Comply With Law Enforcement Officers!!!!


“Maupin said stressful situations still don’t justify excessive force by police. But obeying cops is “a matter of survival,” he said.

Ya don’t say?

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This story hurts my head.

Shoot or don’t shoot: Police scenarios prove eye-opening for civil rights leaders

It was a split-second decision.

A distressed man with a baby in tow was pacing back and forth in a manic state and shouting incoherently. The responding police officer calmly addressed the man in an attempt to calm him down and defuse the situation, but the man suddenly pulled an object from his side and lunged toward the officer. Instinctively, the officer raised his Taser and squeezed the trigger. It turned out the man was armed with a knife, but the “officer,” who was actually the firebrand African-American activist known as Quanell X, acknowledged he would have fired whether the assailant had a knife, a spoon or an empty hand.

“I didn’t even see it,” said the leader of the Houston area Black Panther Party, who was taking part in a training scenario…

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Moronic BS From The Feds And Fox News —- Student Loan Forgiveness!!!!

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Well, this is an article I wouldn’t generally post about, mostly because it’s ground well trodden. But, there’s a bit in the article I want to highlight —– mostly because the well trodden ground seems to be an un-blazoned trail for some imbeciles.

Yes, here’s some shock news!!!!!

Taxpayers getting an education? Obama student loan forgiveness program swells by $22B

The cost of President Obama’s student loan forgiveness program has ballooned by nearly $22 billion over initial projections, raising alarm among budget hawks — even as the government promises taxpayers eventually will come out ahead.

The figure was included in Obama’s recently released budget proposal.

In budget-speak, the Department of Education summary said: “The 2015 amount includes a net upward reestimate of $21.8 billion, primarily related to revised interest rates and increased participation in income-driven repayment plans.”

In other words, swelling enrollment due to looser loan rules is driving up…

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Must See TV!!!!! No Escape For Criminal!

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Heh! This is great! A dangerous high-speed chase ends when driver slams into the rear of other vehicles …… people hit by criminal are madz!!!!!!!!

h/t Lat

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Shock News!!!! Hate Group SPLC De-Lists One Christian Conservative From Their “Extremist” List!!!!

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I had to giggle a bit from this news …..

Southern Poverty Law Center apologizes to Ben Carson, takes him off ‘extremist’ list

Well, it was a non-apology apology.

Though the SPLC apologized for putting Carson on the list, it maintains Carson has “made a number of statements that express views that we believe most people would conclude are extreme” and said “we believe that his views should be closely examined.”

Then, Fox does something cynical by thrusting unwarranted legitimacy on the hate group, the SPLC ….

Other “featured” extremists on the SPLC’s list include Craig Cobb, who is best known for his botched effort to turn Leith, N.D., into an Aryan stronghold and Harry Cooper, the founder of Sharkhunters International, a company that organizes tours to places like Adolf Hitler’s vacation home in Bavaria.

Yes, it’s true, the SPLC does list some people and groups who are actual extremist…

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Sad, Sick, Pathetic Pic Of The Day!!!!

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No, it’s not sad and pathetic because of the truth the political cartoon is telling, it’s sad and pathetic because of why this happened.

We left Iraq for no other reason than the people in power had so much hatred for Bush and Repubs that they put their own vindictive interests above the interests of the American people, the people of Iraq, and the people of the rest of the world.

Their sanctimonious bullshitting and bitching became an overwhelming impetuous to do something massively stupid, costly, dangerous, and, I will add, murderous.

We can argue until the cows come home as to whether or not we should have been in Iraq in the first place, none of that arguing will change that fact that we went there, our military did what they do best (kick ass and take names), and we instituted a fledgling democratically elected government, albeit, a government…

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Quote Of The Day!!!!!! Month!!!! Year!!!!

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A beautiful gem!!!


Well, the quote has been pertinent for some time now. But, it’s even more relevant now that the “audit the fed” proposal is gaining traction.

Elizabeth Warren Opposes “Congressional Meddling” ‘Audit The Fed’ Bill

It would appear the powers that be are getting nervous. Yesterday, Fed Governor Jerome Powell (and Fisher and Plosser) stepped up the central bank’s push against what he termed congressional efforts to extend political influence over monetary policy, calling them“misguided” and “in violent conflict with the facts.” Today we have Senator Elizabeth Warren trying to sound supportive of transparency but proclaiming that she opposes Rand Paul’s “Audit The Fed” Bill because it promotes “congressional meddling in the Fed’s monetary policy decisions.”

Desperate to appear a huge opponent to Wall Street (and The Fed) Warren begins… (as Bloomberg reports)

while she “strongly” supports greater congressional oversight of Fed’s regulatory and supervisory responsibilities


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Oh, Nukes Are Against Their Religion!!!! Well, Why Didn’t You Say So? Obama Stoops To More Idiocy!!!!

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Sigh, Zero is, once again, demonstrating that he believes everyone else is just a little more stupid than he is.

At a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel President Obama addressed the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran. According to the Supreme Leader of Iran, said Obama, “it would be contrary to their faith to obtain a nuclear weapon.”

PRESIDENT OBAMA: The issues now are sufficiently narrowed and sufficiently clarified where we’re at a point where they need to make a decision. We are presenting to them in a unified fashion, the P5+1 supported by a coalition of countries around the world are presenting to them a deal that allows them to have peaceful nuclear power but gives us the absolute assurance that is verifiable that they are not pursuing a nuclear weapon.
And if in fact what they claim is true, which is they have no aspiration to…

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