HHS Diverting Funds To Accommodate Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Minors!!!!!!!

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Unsurprisingly, there’s been a major surge in illegal entry in the US after Trump won the election, but, before he takes office. Of course, president Zero is doing what he has always done about this problem, which is, nothing.

Now, much of the surge isn’t some group of people seeking seasonal work, it’s illegals sending their children across the border, after they’ve found themselves an asylum (sanctuary city) to reside in.

Of course, instead of sending the intact family back across the border, the Feds hang on to the children for a while and seek legal residents (preferably family) to house them with. All of this, of course, costs $billions to accommodate. The costs have risen so much that our Health and Human Services (HHS) is diverting money from other more legitimate programs to house the poor angels.

Apparently, the federal program to care for these poor little rascals has…

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Left Redefining Words Again …… Alt Right!!!!!!

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“Alt.” is an abbreviation of the word “alternative”. Alternative —–


  1. (of one or more things) available as another possibility: “the various alternative methods for resolving disputes” · synonyms: different · other · another · second · possible · substitute · replacement ·


  1. one of two or more available possibilities: “audiocassettes are an interesting alternative to reading” · synonyms: option · choice · other possibility · substitute · replacement

“Right”, in this case is used to describe a part of the binary political spectrum.

Now, I’m a proud member of the Alternative Right. The people of the left don’t get to define me, or anyone else. They’re incapable of doing so, and, have demonstrated this time and again.

When I say I’m part of the Alt Right, it means I believe there is a better alternative to the McCains, L. Grahams, Rubios, McConnells, Ryans, etc …… While I happen…

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LOL!!!!! Trump’s Reaction To Castro’s Death!!!!

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So, the world has one less murderous totalitarian communist. The leftards of the world have reacted similar to such statements as these by Trudeau and Carter …

Statement by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the death of former Cuban President Fidel Castro: https://t.co/70ZqAfVWCR

— CanadianPM (@CanadianPM) November 26, 2016

“It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President.

“Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation.

“While a controversial figure, both Mr. Castro’s supporters and detractors recognized his tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people who had a deep and lasting affection for “el Comandante”.

“I know my father was very proud to call him a friend and I had the opportunity to…

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Happy Thanksgiving And Bonus NFL Picks!!!!!


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I never pick the Thursday games. Mostly because I’m too busy. But, as I’m enjoying the morning, I thought, ‘why not’? There are 3 games today, so ………..

(6-4-0) Vikings

(6-4-0) Lions This is a game with huge playoff implications. The Vikings got back onto their winning ways last week. However, they’re going to Detroit to play, where the Lions are 4-1. It’s a good matchup with a good offense facing a good defense. But, I think the Lions will get them, today.

(6-3-1) Redskins

(9-1-0) Cowboys Another great game with playoff implications. The Redskins are a very good team with a lot of weapons. The Cowboys are a better team with more weapons. OTOH, over the years I’ve come to know that the rivalry doesn’t care about that stuff. Look for an intense game and another big test for the Dallas rookies. Still, you’d have to be daft not…

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Cartoon Of The Day!!!!! And More Confirmed Hate Hoaxes!!!!

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The cartoon needs no words. It’s self-evident. Source is this FB place … surprised they haven’t been blocked by FB …… yet.

In seemingly unrelated, yet, very related news. Here’s some more confirmed hoaxes, where people lied about Trump supporters doing exactly what the left really is …..

Is there even one substantiated occurrence of a hate crime committed by a confirmed Trump supporter? I haven’t found one.

My opinion is that the fabrication of “hate crimes” by Trump supporters was much more than just the typical projection of the left. It was concerted and coordinated as cover for the hate crimes against regular people who voted for and support Trump.

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We Import Over 100,000 H1Bs Every Year ……

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While we import over 100,000 tech workers a year on H1B visas, we’re going to lay off over one hundred thousand tech workers this year.

Here’s the take-home quote from the article …….

Mark Haranas, of tech news website CRN, which earlier in the day reported Cisco would eliminate potentially as many as 14,000 jobs, told FOXBusiness.com the tech industry is cutting the dead weight.

The jobs cuts are necessary to shed some staff in order to bring on new employees with the skillset needed in today’s market.

Fascinating. Some tech worker in 2011, who managed a degree, who understood all the nuances and implications of networking in 2011, suddenly can’t read, Google, or keep up with the changes now …… or something.

Ageist much, Mark Haranas? Oh, yeh, networking is sooooooo much harder, today. Plug-n-play is so tricky compared to having to play with comm ports and…

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Never Trumpers Embarrassing Everyone At The RNC

Look, if you can’t get on fire for Trump (I understand), at least you can surely get on fire for defeating Hillary. If you can’t get on fire for defeating Hillary,”………………….

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Look, everyone who reads this blog knows I’m no fan of Trump. I think the Repubs went the wrong way. But, that’s the way they chose. The entire issue was settled when Trump went over the amount of bound delegates necessary to secure the Republican nomination. It was over months ago. Now, Never Trumpers wanted to change the rules of the nomination to unbound the bounded delegates. And, they’re really, really madz because they were told “no”.

CLEVELAND – Republican officials hastily adopted a set of much-contested convention rules Monday, setting off an unruly protest from anti-Donald Trump delegates on the first day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Those anti-Trump forces had hoped to challenge the rules that bind delegates to vote for the presumptive GOP nominee, as part of a last-ditch bid to at least disrupt his march to the nomination. But the convention’s presiding officer, Arkansas…

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DOJ Spitting On Lady Justice!!!!!


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STATE OF TEXAS, ET AL., § Plaintiffs, § V. § CIVIL NO. B-14-254 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ET AL., Defendants. §


An exchange between two characters from a recent popular film exemplifies what this case is, and has been, about:

FBI Agent Hoffman: Don’t go Boy Scout on me. We don’t have a rulebook here.

Attorney James Donovan: You’re Agent Hoffman, yeah?

FBI Agent Hoffman: Yeah.

Attorney James Donovan: German extraction?

FBI Agent Hoffman: Yeah, so?

Attorney James Donovan: My name’s Donovan, Irish, both sides, mother and father. I’m Irish, you’re German, but what makes us both Americans? Just one thing . . . the rulebook. We call it the Constitution and we agree to the rules…

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Trump Loses 8 Delegates While Running Unopposed, Great Theater, SCOTUS Picks, An Explanation, And The Idiot 3rd Party Lunatics!!!!!!

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Well, it’s well past time I provided another post for us to chat about. In fact, I’ve got to condense a lot of stuff, so bear with me!

First, I’ll go over some bad news for the Trump supporters …….


How does a person lose 8 delegates and 1/3 of the vote when running unopposed? This should be very disconcerting for Trump supporters. That said, I expect that half of the non-Trump votes were simply protest votes and they’ll pull the lever for Trump in the general. It won’t matter, though. Here’s why ……


Total Repub voters in Oregon are about 360,000. Dims, 570,000. Even if all Repub voters show up in Oregon, you’d still have to have less than 40% Sanders supporters crossing over to Hillary. We know they will turn out more than that.

But, this brings me to the explanation. I have stated in the past that…

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ever never



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