The Tragic Decline Of Global Sea Ice Last Ten Years Demonstrated

suyts space

For most of this century, we’ve heard nothing but doom and gloom from the pinheads who pretend to worry about our earth and nature. They’re actually human hating Malthusians who don’t give two shakes about earth, the people, nor our flora and fauna. If they cared at all about any of them, they’d know CO2 is good for all of the above.

Because they hate humanity, they dusted off an incomplete notion about the greenhouse effect and CO2. They then found some idiotic method to attempt to argue the energy balance of the earth was being thrown off by the CO2 being released by humanity. Oddly, math and science is contrary to this notion because CO2’s effect on the earth’s temperature is logarithmic and cannot carry the weight the lunatics attribute to it. Most warmists now begrudgingly acknowledge this simple and basic scientific and mathematical fact. But, they now say…

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