Random Thoughts By A Not So Random Guy! … Thomas Sowell !!!!!

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I hadn’t read anything from Sowell for some time, and thought I’d look to see what he had to say, recently. He posts, from time to time, for Townhall, and often he just posts “random thoughts”.


For those unfamiliar, his is a compelling story. I consider him one of the brightest people in the US. (But, maybe that’s because I agree with him on nearly every issue he opines about.) Smile

Today, his “random thoughts” post seemed to echo mine to a “T”. So, I thought, why not replicate it? So, without further ado …….

Random thoughts on the passing scene:

The presidential election prospects for the Democrats are so bad this year that only the Republicans can save them — as Republicans have saved them before.

Will a Supreme Court without a single Protestant justice rule that an “under-representation” of any group is evidence of discrimination?

Here is a…

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