China Continues To Rush To Be Just Like Rest Of US!!!!! …… More Suyts Victory Tour!!!!

suyts space

Well, I thought a post on something other than US politics would be welcomed, here. So, I went to find something to write about. China has, once again, provided me with some material.

One of the many things I’ve consistently written about was to try to interject some reality with what many saw/see as the inevitability of China surpassing the US as the greatest economic powerhouse in the world. They have so many fundamental problems, it would be next to impossible for them to do so, at least in the next couple of decades, if ever.

One of their biggest problems is that they’ve embraced the current economic thoughts of the West in an attempt to replicate their economic success. But, everyone, from the US, to Germany, to Great Britain, everyone knows, or should know, the economics we embrace today isn’t what made us great. Indeed, what we do today…

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