It Wasn’t A Hard Call, But, Suyts Nails It Again On Greece!

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Well, if I can’t toot my own horn, who can?

So, the other day, I wrote about Greece’ tentative agreement to avoid total economic collapse. When writing it, I had this to say ….

Well, it’s not a done deal. As the article notes, this has to be approved by their parliament. Expect riots, one way or the other.

Again, this wasn’t a hard call, but, still ……

Riot police fire tear gas at Greek demonstrators

Rioters hurled petrol bombs at police who responded with tear gas during an anti-austerity demonstration outside parliament Wednesday, as Greek lawmakers began debating contentious measures needed to start negotiations on a new bailout and avoid financial collapse.

Groups of youths among the more than 12,000 demonstrators smashed storefronts and set at least one vehicle alight during the hourlong clashes. It was the first significant violence since the left-wing Syriza government came to…

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