Obama Commuting Sentences!!!! …… And, I Agree!!!!

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I write this, reluctantly, only because I fear the meaning of this post may be misconstrued. It is, mostly, to point out Breitbart’s disingenuity.

So, we have this from Breitbart …..


They go on to list the offenders, their crimes, sentences, and commute date. Many, if not most, had life sentences.

Here’s what Breitbart didn’t tell you ….

Under current sentencing guidelines most of those prisoners would have already finished serving time.

It’s a bit of a reverse ex post facto. These people were sentenced under old sentencing guidelines, and had they been sentenced under today’s guidelines, they would have already been freed. I believe it should be law that if the sentencing guidelines change, then, so too, should the sentences of the ones previously sentenced under the old guidelines.

We are told these people were convicted of non-violent crimes…

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