What Irks Me About Conservative News Outlets …… They’re Too Slow

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Back in the day that I actually had a couple of days off and didn’t work overtime all the time, I would blog and be pertinent. I can, as can many conservative bloggers, vet information, put it out in a timely fashion, and be correct with commentary. We do this so the readers can be on top of things for their conversations with the people they come in contact with.

Well, Townhall now has this!!!! They add “Flashback” to their title, but, I don’t recall them ever posting this very well known, very well viewed video. Back in the day, I vetted it. So did several thousand other people. Now, Townhall has this to say …..

FLASHBACK: “Hippies Crying Over Dead Trees” Video

Happy Earth Day!

In 2008, some wonderful soul uploaded a video titled “Hippies-Crying Over Dead Trees” to YouTube. It is glorious. Enjoy.


While this may…

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