Leftards Exposing Their Violent Nature In The UK!!!! Farage Continues To Laugh At The Pinkos!!!

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UKIP is really making some headway in Britannia!

So, what’s the reaction from the left? Engage in the arena of ideas? Challenge UKIP people to a debate? Put forth their own ideas as a contrast? No, of course not. These are leftards we’re talking about. Scratch a leftard deep enough and you’ll see their barbarian side come out. When they lose in the arena of ideas, you’ll see them attack ….. physically. That’s because they can’t accept that they’re wrong. When it becomes painfully obvious to even themselves that everyone sees them as wrong, they turn to violence. Always.


UKIP’s new by-election candidate Mark Reckless, who yesterday rocked the British political establishment with his high profile defection on the last day of UKIP conference, faced small scale protests today from far left extremists during a walkabout of his constituency with UKIP…

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