Enviro-nutters Expose Their True Intentions

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James Delingpole has a fine round up of the climate nutterness for last week.


He’s a fantastic writer! Well worth the read, but, in his last three examples of climate nutterness, we see what we all already knew. These lunatics are totalitarian communists.

3.Australian academic argues: only communist-style revolution or death can save us from climate change

Peter Burdon – currently visiting professor at UC Berkeley – admiringly quotes environmentalists who argue that the authoritarian Chinese model offers our best hope in combating climate change.

For example, in an interview about her new book The Collapse of Western Civilization,

In the book, Oreskes and co-author Erik Conway imagine a future world in which the predictions of the International Panel on Climate Change have come to pass.

With respect to China, the authors predict:

Warming to his authoritarian theme, Burdon…

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