Congratulations To House, Senate, And President For Working Together To Give Americans A Spending Law No One Wants …

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Senator Mike Lee nails it …..

“This Farm Bill is a monument to every dysfunction Washington indulges to bend our politics and twist our economy to benefit itself at the expense of the American people,” Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee said, going on to add that the legislation represents a “collusion between both parties against the American people; it benefits the special interests at the expense of the national interest.”

For different reasons, conservatives and the left oppose this.  But, Zero will sign it into law.  He’ll probably blather about Repubs and Dems working together or some such other platitude, but,the fact of the matter is no one likes it, but, our government, in their infinite wisdom will shove this crap down our throats. 

“As with any compromise, the Farm Bill isn’t perfect — ,” Obama said in a statement after the bill’s passage.

and cut the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance…

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