And Now, Some Words From You Intellectual Betters ……

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From a leftarded numbnut ……

Stein is HuffPo’s political editor.  I’m wondering how Stein believes people will be paying the premiums after having their hours cut to part-time employment …….

Matt Yglesias has this gem …..  Yglesias currently writes for Slate on matters of economics and politics. 

Oh, yes, right, past accumulated debt doesn’t matter……..  Which brings us back to Huffpo …..

The budget deficit is the lowest it has been since President Barack Obama took office, according to a Congressional Budget Office report this week. But don’t expect that to matter to the American people.

In fact, the deficit has been falling steadily since 2009. Yet a new HuffPost/YouGov poll shows that Americans still think the deficit is going up and disapprove of Washington politicians accordingly.

Still pushing that imbecilic notion that Zero is reducing the deficit.  But, all of his deficits have been higher tha any deficit prior…

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