Another Anti-American Scumbag …. Cuomo

suyts space


Right, because diversity of thought and concern for the most helpless should not be tolerated in New York, amirite?

This is typical leftardism.  They hate what they don’t understand. 

What sort of uniform totalitarian nutjob did the New Yorkers elect? 

You know, at some point, the rest of America is going to start believing that New Yorkers hate diversion of thought and ideas.  That they hate their fellow Americans.  That they hold most of us in disdain and ill-regard.  Who are they going to hate on more?  Pro-life people or e-cig puffers?  Well, maybe they’ll hate on liberty lovers and pro-lifers equally ….. won’t that be grand??  How apt for the home of the Statue of Liberty. 

No worries, the contempt is reciprocated.  But, then, I’ve always hated totalitarian scumbags.

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