Israel …. Open Thread ……

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So, this subject comes up often, here.  But, it’s never really discussed.  For some reason, the world is preoccupied with this tiny lot of land.  If one is to back up and look at the earth, and understand all the other things going on in the world, today, one has to wonder why.  

I realize this is of a most sensitive subject.  And, yet, we don’t fear such things, here.  We discuss and think and ponder and discuss some more. 

I’m tired and have had a full day.  So, I’m going to throw this out, and let others discuss. 

My perspective is this …..  As anyone who would care to know, I am a Christian.  As my reading and understanding of the Word manifests, it is that Israel, as a people, are God’s chosen people.  That said, the Bible I read demonstrates many failures of Israel.  So, how are…

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