Pajama Boy’s Clone Tells Blatant Lie While Trying To Convince Viewers She’s Not Lying

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One of these test tube clones has a show on MSNBC.  Anyone remotely familiar with MSNBC, personified by PJ boy, knows MSNBC is a leftarded propaganda outlet which constantly attacks conservatives and libertarians.  Most often, there’s very little truth in anything they have to babble about. 

At some point, Maddow, the female personification of PJ boy, tied the Koch brothers to Florida’s initiative of drug testing welfare recipients. 

Now, I have to confess, I don’t follow the Koch’s to see what they are and are not advocating.  That said, I’m familiar with many of their stated positions.  I’d be very surprised if they were behind such a push. 

Apparently, someone in the Koch organization took exception to what PJ/Maddow was babbling, and had a lawyer send her a note wishing for a correction or clarification.  PJ Maddow would have none of it

, we then hear from the…

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