Head ‘Sploding!!!! Shokalskiy Antarctic Expedition Promises To Lower Global Albedo After Burning Excess Fossil Fuels For Rescue!!!!!!

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Well, isn’t that a fine kick in the pants.  From the New Zealand Herald ….. (I love the way they word this!!!!)

The hapless Australasian Antarctic Expedition is finally homeward bound – and thousands of trees will have to be planted to offset the carbon footprint from the prolonged rescue effort.

The Russian research vessel Akademik Shokalskiy became stuck in thick pack ice some 3000km southwest of Bluff on Christmas Eve. …

Yesterday, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said the Xue Long’s attempt to manoeuvre through the ice had been unsuccessful and it was now also beset by ice.

The expedition had pledged to plant about 800 kauri trees in Northland to cover its carbon footprint. Environmentalists planting trees helps to offset the impact of burning fuels such as diesel.

But, does it?  I mean the whole concern about burning fuels is that it supposedly causes global warming.  Further…

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