More Lies From Sebelius …. Claims She Doesn’t Know If Our Govt Mandated Insurance Pays For Elective Abortions

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Right, she doesn’t know.  All of those court cases winding through our court system over this matter seems to have escaped the person in charge of this law.  Sebellius is stupid, she’s just not that stupid and clueless. 

All qualifying insurance policies, by law, include “preventative services” ….. read abortion.  Again, this isn’t anything new. 

From the link above …..

Despite this proof that Americans all over the country are being forced to pay abortion premiums, Sebelius appeared clueless when Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) questioned her on this point. Here was the exchange,

Rep. Shimkus: “… Another transparency issue: Um, if someone – a constituent of mine or someone in this country has strongly held pro-life views, can you commit to us to make sure that the federal exchanges that offer that is clearly identified, and so people can understand if they’re going to buy a policy that has abortion…

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