So, When, Exactly, Will These Climate Change Risks Come To Fruition?

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So, I’m reading, yet another, goofy article about how some nations are more exposed to risks of “climate change” more than others. 

This really isn’t new.  It’s simply a repeat of what has been stated for decades.  And, it’s still incredibly sophist.

The expected costs of climate change are painting a grimmer and grimmer picture of the future for people around the world.

Does it ever paint any other kind of picture instead of “grimmer”?  Aren’t they all increasingly grimmer and grimmer in spite of the empirical evidence to the contrary?

In its sixth annual Climate Change Vulnerability Index, risk consultancy firm Maplecroft revealed the countries most likely to suffer from the effects of warming climates by 2025.

To develop its analysis, researchers evaluated 193 countries : the capacity of nations to combat the effects of climate change, ….. 

Shouldn’t we first come to an agreement as to…

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