LOL!!! Obamacare Truthers Coming Out Of The Woodworks!!! The Unhinged Are Claiming/Insinuating Sabotage!!!

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It’s difficult to exactly say where the consensus is on exactly how Repubs sabotaged Zerocare, but, the conspiracy lunatics are pretty sure it’s our fault. 

That’s just one place where you can see examples of leftards blaming Repubs, you can see more here and here, and just about any other place leftarded spewing is recorded.

Some, such as Howard Dean seem to think Repubs had a hand in implementing this mess.  But, for clarity, Zerocare was passed without any Repub voting for it.  It was entirely implemented via Zero’s administration.  Juan Williams had a novel thought, it’s Repubs fault because of their opposition to Zerocare ……

“People in the White House and HHS felt there is such massive opposition from the Republicans that they did not want to say, ‘You know, we need to slow down a little bit because we don’t have the technology in order.’…

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