Alarmists Seek To Advantage Human Tragedy And Suffering Again …… Attack New Fire-Fighting Australian PM!

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Well, those super sciency alarmist ecotards are at it again.  There’s no amount of human suffering they won’t try to exploit for their religious ideology. 

LOL!!!  Yes, the “clear link”. 

So, if you read this story, you’ll see some things, and some other things you won’t see.  Here’s one of the things I saw …..

The established from the ashes of the Climate Commission, which was abolished by the government in September.

Oh!!!  Goody!!!  Some science to look at!!!  The Guardian article provides a link to what eventually gives you this.

Reading through the story and the above link, is where I didn’t see something……. DATA!  Or links to data, or any reference to where I could find the supporting data for their assertions!  They say this …… “Southeast Australia is experiencing a long-term drying trend. More intense and frequent hot weather, as well as dry conditions, increases the…

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