Do Seasons Change? Snow Extent

suyts space

We still hear about it.  The demise of the ski industry!!!  We won’t know what snow is anymore!!  Blah, blah, blah…..  They even give us a cool graph to scare children with …….


Of course, there’s only a few things wrong with this graph.  First and foremost, it’s just one season!  Secondly, it conflates very different ways in which the data was gathered.  Turns out, our climate satellites of the 60s were …. well, they didn’t exist, although some gathered information which could be used for cross purposes.  And, even the satellites of the 80s were archaic compared to today’s, as well as other tools employed in measuring such.  And, lastly, this doesn’t really tell us what has been happening lately.  Pretending that the 70s were the norm without any data to buttress that notion is sophistry.

Well, there’s also that pesky truth that we’re only measuring half the globe…

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