Media Now Violates 1st Amendment!!!!

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Well, there were a few media outlets who beclowned themselves by not only attending this idiotic PR stunt, but then non-reporting on it.

WaPo decides to be a mouthpiece for the DOJ.

No quotes from the Attorney General necessary!!!

Holder and aides “completely endorsed the president’s statement that reporters should not be at legal risk for doing their job,” , who was among the participants. “They acknowledged the need for changes in their own guidelines and the need to have a more rigorous internal review.”

“I think it’s constructive that they are willing to address the criticisms of the department. But what will really matter is if they follow through and make some changes,” who attended the meeting.

“It’s a policy meeting. If you put it on the record, it would become a press conference, and I’ve never seen a press conference that’s a good forum for making policy,”

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