LOL This Ought To Work Well…… Delusional Nutters Trying To Pressure Conservatives To Abandon Their Base

suyts space


Funny stuff. 

From HuffPo …….


The protestors claim the Missouri Republican has ducked questions on climate change science, and point to her participation in Americans For Prosperity’s “No Climate Tax Pledge,” which opposes any legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in government revenue.

“She’s got her head in the sand,” Michael Berg, an organizer for the Missouri chapter of Sierra Club, told HuffPost in an interview Wednesday. “She clearly does not admit that this is a problem and will not do anything to confront it.”

, which was later reprinted in full on a little-known blog.

It’s funny because Wagner sent an entirely reasonable response to the imbecile asking about it.  Worse, this very troubling email was described as “

Now, I don’t generally link to idiot little blogs like the one HuffPo did, but, in this case, I’ll let it go because the…

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