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I’ve stated in the past, that after we get over this ridiculous conversation about CO2 the totalitarian Malthusian misanthropists will come after our water, next.  For a while, I thought it may be a non-starter, but maybe not.  I thought it would be a non-starter because eventually, the climate discussion will have to move from CO2 to H2O. 

I mean, virtually everything in the climate discussion comes down to H2O.  Most prevalent, most spectrum absorbing GHG?  H2O.  Snow, ice, clouds, ENSO, sea level, AO, AMO, OHC, droughts, floods…. all of this has to do with H2O.  So, logically, by the time this climate discussion is over, we’ll have much more knowledge about what water is, what it does, how it acts and reacts…..   So, it would stand to reason that they wouldn’t have much to go on in coming after our water.  

Oh, did I say virtually?  In case…

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