Well, I Would, Too — Book Burners Disappear Their Pics! — But, We Didn’t :)

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San Jose State University posted a photo of their Climate Science profs about to burn Steve Goreham’s book, The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism. Department chair Alison Bridger, Ph.D., is shown holding a match while associate professor Craig Clements , Ph.D., dangles the book above the flame.
Once the photo started going viral, university officials removed it from their website and insisted it was just a joke. Hilarious, no? Joke or not, while academia constantly warns of metaphorical right-wing book burners, academic arson is literally happening on the left.

Yeh, I’d prolly take it down, too.  Not that I would eve put a match to a book.  And, even if I would, I’d never allow a photo be taken of the act.  But, these idiots proudly posted it on their website!!! 

Consider that for a moment.  These people are teaching our children.  And they…

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