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Recently, I’ve see few things which have bothered me a bit.  Now, some of these thoughts have already been expressed, but I thought I’d add my own perspective.

For those who may not have heard, we have another dendro(tree ring) paper out.  It is published in full at Nature Climate Change.  The paper shows a slight declining temperature slope for over 2000 years.


Of course, this seemingly refutes the works of Mann and all of the others.  Personally, I view this as good news, but not for the reason some other’s would.  There are some problems with this paper.  I’ll just mention a few.

First of all, this study was limited to the geographic location of “northern Scandinavia”.  This is not the same as stating the northern hemisphere.  And, it goes beyond this, the authors note no divergence from the temp record.  This doesn’t reconcile with what has been…

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