suyts space


Lol, I’m off to consider spheres on a plane.  But, I thought I’d give people something to consider while I’m away.

I just got through reading a Mother Jones article with more revelations of the superduper ultra-secret dealings of Mitt Romney’s investing. 

It’s really a laughable read.  The comment section is worse (better?).  It’s a riot.  Here’s my response in the comment section.

LMAO!!!!  OMG!!!  Are you people really as ignorant as you portray?  Are you really that clueless?   Let me try to help……”Brookside makes passive investments in public
stock. They don’t control or manage the companies they invest in.
Brookside had a small ownership stake (9.11%) in Global-Tech…
“……… [that’s a quote from the article]

Do any of you finance wizards know what this means?  Ladies, this is little different than a mutual fund.  You know, that stuff you guys and gals are vested in on your…

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