The Debate Last Night And My Impression …….


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Disclaimer!!!!! I didn’t get to watch all of it. I didn’t even watch half of it. My video feed died, and it was too frustrating trying to get it back, so …….

But, I did watch a significant portion of it, and have been watching the clips and reading the pundits.

Let me start by saying it’s impossible to give an unbiased evaluation of any debate with so many characters. That said, be it leftists, conservative, LSM …… all are unanimous, and count me with this opinion, as well, Fiorina won, hands down. She mopped the floor with Trump. That wasn’t hard because of the idiotic position Trump put himself in. This is what I was writing about when I noted his comment about her face. It doesn’t matter what his intent or meaning was. He opened a door and Fiorina just kicked it down, anyway, and then went…

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