My God!!!! Help US!!!!!!!

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I cannot possibly describe the emotions and thoughts I had when reading these two stories. I’ve two lovely daughters of my own. But, I still can’t even come close to imagining what Mr. Steinle went through and is going through, let alone Mrs. Steinle. But, I can tell you I hurt from it. And, I’m mad as hell.

This isn’t a unique story, insofar as we’ve allowed/invited career criminals into this land and we’ve groups of people, cities, states, and our own federal government who would harbor these maniacs. But, this event should bring the message home.

Folks, this is a real shot and chaser post.

Here’s story #1 ….

Kate Steinle’s Last Words:

… When asked what Kate’s words were when she realized she had been shot, her father gave a gut wrenching response.

Steinle described.

Story #2 ……

Disgrace: DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Has No Idea Who Kate…

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