So …. We’re Charging The Person Blackmailed …. The Extortionist?

“But, then, we now see the feds are also on alert for transactions for less than $10,000 … meaning there is no personal bank transaction you can have without the scrutiny of the federal government. “

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Don’t get me wrong, I was never a fan of Hastert. But, all of this seems a bit backwards to me.

Ex-Speaker Hastert reportedly paying to conceal sexual misconduct

Ex-House Speaker Dennis Hastert had been paying someone to cover up sexual misconduct before he was indicted for allegedly concealing those payments, a law enforcement source told Fox News Friday. ……

… The federal indictment said only that Hastert had been hiding payments he made in order to compensate for and conceal “prior misconduct.”

It said he agreed to provide $3.5 million to someone described only as “Individual A.” It did not elaborate on the alleged misconduct or indicate if Individual A is a man or a woman. However, it said the person has known Hastert most of the individual’s life. It also said the person has been a resident of Yorkville, Ill.

The 73-year-old Illinois Republican is specifically accused of

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