Ever Felt Like You Have Been Here Before?

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Guest post by Bruce of Newcastle

Ever Felt Like You Have Been Here Before?


Gleiwitz Incident plaque – Wikipedia

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard from the UK Telegraph today has a new reason why the EU is going to break up. Hungary.

Why we may have to leave the EU

<blockquote> “Something has gone very wrong in Hungary,” says Charles Grant from the Centre for European Reform.

Yet the picture is surely darkening. Pianist Andras Schiff refuses to perform in Hungary, close to becoming Europe’s anti-Semitic hotspot. “I don’t even set foot in the country, not even as a private person,” he told the BBC.

He is outraged by the new Horthy statue in Budapest, the celebration of a “war criminal”. He accuses Horthy of sending half a million Jews to Nazi death camps.

Mr Grant says the revanchist sweep over the weekend should shake out of our complacency. “It is quite…

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