The Party Of Stupid …… At It Again!!!

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So says an attack ad from a nobody, who stands no chance of winning, against a very conservative senator, in Kansas. Breitbart seemed pleased to cover it.

Senator Roberts owns a house in Kansas, but, he does what any rational person would do when forced to stay away for an extended time, he rents it out.

So, we’ve some supposed Tea party groups who are going to spend a few million in pursuit of ….. what? The impossible? Wolfe has no chance of winning in Kansas. To gain what? Roberts votes conservative down the line. He’s not flamboyant, or even wordy. He just goes about his business voting as close as any conservative would have him vote.

I think there are leftards who have infiltrated some Tea party fundies.

There’s absolutely no reason to go after Roberts, especially for these mid-terms in which we stand a very good chance…

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