Breaking!!!! Markets React To What Was Known To Begin With!!!!

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And, this is why I have a hard time with the markets. You play them, not based on any fundamental knowledge, but, rather, trying to predict how a bunch of mindless tools will react. Even news which isn’t “news” to anyone can send them either into a buy spree or a selling panic. Heck, half of the time they misinterpret what’s being stated! Today is a great example……..

Markets post big gains as Yellen signals low rates

AMSTERDAM (AP) — Stock markets posted big gains Tuesday as the new Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen indicated that interest rates would remain low for a long period of time and U.S. lawmakers appeared to be inching toward a deal to raise the country’s debt ceiling……

The main focus in the markets was on Yellen’s first testimony as Fed chair since her confirmation last week.

Though cautioning that the U.S. labor market recovery…

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