A Leftard Sees Reality? Zero Not Taken Seriously

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He’s kidding, right?

MSNBC political contributor Howard Fineman said Tuesday in conversation with Hardball host Chris Mathews that “a president with a 43% approval rate isn’t taken seriously by anyone around town.” Fineman’s comments came before Obama delivered his State of the Union Speech on Tuesday.

Fineman predicted, accurately, that the President would have to talk about the small incremental achievements “that he can brag about to help him out of the mess he is in with a 43% approval rating.” Fineman went on to say that there would be no mention of “grand bargains on entitlements or  about sweeping tax reform.” As it turned out, the speech paid little attention to climate change and immigration issues, as well.

It would be different, if he had any actual achievements to hold up.  But, his biggest bit of legislation, the one which bears his name, has been an utter disaster.  As…

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