How Much Should It Cost To Limit A Person’s Liberties — The Laffer Curve And Liberties

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I just got through reading an interesting article about lost revenue from cigarette taxes.  It was done by CBS, so the missed what I would think was the more interesting aspect of the article, which was based on a paper in one “Tobacco Control” journal.  I think they both miss in their interpretation of the data.  Here’s the article ……

NEW YORK — A federal program that let law enforcement trace cigarette packs from manufacturer to consumer would reduce interstate trafficking and boost the public health benefits of state cigarette tax policies, researchers say.

Without a national tracking system in place, smokers evade taxes, there’s less of a barrier to youth smoking and local governments miss out on revenue, the authors of a new study contend.

Kevin Davis of the nonprofit research organization RTI International in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, and his colleagues calculated that the cities of…

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