Why Is A Hate Group Writing Our Military’s EO Manuals?

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Look, I’m used to it.  Sure, I’m so privileged.  I’m used to that hate speech.  But, what we, as a nation, can not abide is that a bunch of lunatic hate mongers be writing our EO manuals for our military. 

The SPLC is a hate group.  It’s vile hateful rhetoric has even inspired acts of domestic terrorism.  These people were chosen to write any sort of manual, much less for the military? 

What’s next?  Members of the Muslim Brotherhood being enlisted for mid-east diplomacy?  Oh wait …..

The SPLC is no better than the Klan, it’s just that the Klan has more temerity to openly state their hate goals, while the SPLC simply spew hate and let you infer their goals. 


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