France Demonstrates Why We Can’t Spend Our Way Out Of Our Economic Mess!!!

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Ahh, France, what a mess they’ve found themselves in.


France is hitting a wall, and they seem confused as to what to do about it. 

France has been spending like mad for years.  Decades really.  And now, they’re running out of money. 

Rather than getting into an argument about how this is different because France can’t directly print their own money.  Let’s simply observe spending to economic growth.


Here we see two graphs.  France’ annual GDP rate, and government spending.  Leading up to the recession we see France doing what they always do, increase spending like mad.  And, as we see, the more they spent, the worse things got.  Later, there were people trying to address the reality that France didn’t have anymore to spend.  This led to the election of a Socialist.  Back to spending.  But, as we see, the economic performance got worse, not better. 

But, this doesn’t…

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