A Nice Thanks To Hank —- From Across The Pond

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From time to time, people such as us have moments of doubt.  Not so much about our general message, but, about whether or not it makes a difference.  All of us put a tremendous amount of time, energy, effort, and even money towards our goals. 

Many times, it seems to be a thankless effort.  We get disparaged, get called all sorts of names.  Our motives are questioned, even bills are introduced to silence us.  And, all the while the world seems to be spinning more and more madly out of control. 

And so, when there’s an opportunity to recognize that people are noticing, watching, and paying attention, I think it’s good to do so. 

I’d asked Hank to look into the Keenan/Met roil.  Statistics can be awfully confusing to us laymen.  Well, Hank did, and wow!  He knocked it out of the park! 

Hank had his title for his post…..

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