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How stupid.  How irresponsible.  How pathetically impotent are these people?

The Senate passed a bill to avoid the fiscal cliff and it is now going to the House for consideration.

Essentially, there are two considerations of the fiscal cliff.  Taxes and spending cuts.

The taxes…… this can be seen as a victory or a loss for both sides.  They’ve agreed to raise taxes on people making above above $450,000/yr.  At this point, this is the best the Repubs could hope for as far as taxes go.  However, this came because of a compromise to certain cuts which were suppose to happen.  For us who are aware of the energy stupidity and cost to the US, apparently, we’re going to extend our green-energy programs.  But, they didn’t address all of the cuts which are suppose to happen.  In fact, they didn’t address most of them.

Officials said the two…

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