Please, some lunatic alarmist, please drivel about the oceans…… PLEASE!!!!!

We know it’s in the Ocean – because…well, it’s hidden. We know it’s hidden – because…well, it’s in the Ocean.

suyts space


We’re all familiar with this picture……..image

How quaint. 

One of the many things I like to do, on occasion is argue the affirmative.  That is to say, “if what you say is true, then…… ”  Of course, this only works on people capable of “if/then” thought processes. 

Many skeptics, including myself, demonstrate how the earth’s temps haven’t increased over the last several years.  Depending upon the data set one wishes to use depends on the duration of the lack of warming.


Either way you look at it, the earth, according to the experts, say the earth hasn’t warmed.  Skeptics are quick to point out .  Typically, alarmist lunatics counter by saying it takes energy years to work it’s way back through earth’s systems. 

That may or may not be true.  One easy question to ask, is how many years?  One never gets an answer.  But…

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