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First of all, let me clearly state that I don’t think much of this issue.  I don’t think it is an issue.  But, if the world is going to argue about sea ice, it needs to be in a proper context.

For those unaware, I’ll briefly recap.  Earlier this month the arctic ice extent hit a low since the time we started measuring in 1979.  There are earlier measurements, but they aren’t the same.  Still this caused wailing and gnashing of the teeth.  This was a sure omen of our impending doom.  The superstitious called for more sacrifices.  Wild assertions about our jet stream was proclaimed.  We’re going to have warmcold and wetdry all at the same time! 


Then something else happened.  The Antarctic set an all time high since we started measuring.  Of course, this was met with little or no fanfare beyond the skeptic blogs.  And, there…

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