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While the U.S. is in intense competition with the U.K. to see who could have the most corrupt cleptocrat/politician representing the renewable energy sector, the U.S. also seems poised to take on the EU in monetary policy insanity.  The US already has bonus points for an added hint of corruption.  It will be interesting how the EU will respond to this latest challenge.  Will they fire up the printing presses first?  Or will they counter with more than just subtle hints at corruption?

Fed Primes the Pump to Re-Elect Obama

Back on July 17, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) revealed the Democrats’ agenda for the economy: inflation. “Despite two false starts, we’re having a much rougher time than we ever imagined getting unemployment down,” Schumer told the Senate Banking Committee. “So get to work, Mr. Chairman.” Bernanke, said Schumer, should act before November.

“We will act in an apolitical, non-partisan manner…

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