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Well, the current SCOTUS ruling has renewed the national discussion on the Health Care law.  Which is really depressing, because it seems none of the advocates learned anything and millions of people’s shallow thoughts are once again displayed. 

For instance, Facebook brings me this…….

Now, I’ve no idea if this is true or not.  I’ve certainly heard and read some horror stories, but I never investigated.  Canada is often brought up when the health care discussion ensues.  Which, I hold as vapid.  What may or may not work for them, may or may not work for us.  But, that isn’t the point of my post.  This graphic simply started a conversation.  So, we get this response to it…….

I was vacationing in Canada over 15 years ago over Thanksgiving. I was pregnant and having a miscarriage. Went to the ER close to the resort, lo and behold they admitted…

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