By Paul Homewood


You will no doubt recall reading how GHCN decided to change the original Reykjavik temperature record from this

to this

thus doing away with the warm period in the 1940’s and creating a false warming trend. Well it seems our friends at GHCN must have decided their adjustments were wrong and so have now produced yet another set of adjustments, so their latest version is :-


The period up to 1920 is now as warm as the warm 1940’s, which any Icelander with a bit of knowledge about their history will tell you is a load of old b****x. A quick look at the GHCN adjustment graphs below will show what they have done. (Sorry for the fuzzy quality).

Is it a coincidence that the latest incarnation looks distinctly like a hockey stick?

Not just Reykjavik either. In March GHCN changed Alice Springs from

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