It’s Official! Trump Gets Electoral College Majority!

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There’s more to say on this, but, I thought I’d keep it simple and sweet. Done deal. Now, you idiot leftards, deal with it.

Look, I don’t mind an honest and loyal opposition. It’s what many of us Americans did/do while president Zero is in office.

As I was instructed by some idiot racist leftards from MTV not to use the word “woke”, I thought I’d ask the opposition to at least be woke to what’s happening around the country and the world as you go about your opposition. Quit believing everything you’re fed. It makes you look ridiculous.

While there have been some very serious events today, (thoughts and prayers for the loved ones of the people massacred today) I thought I’d also share a feel-good event from last night.

Dallas Cowboy rookie running back phenom scored a touchdown last night, and then did something I’ve never seen or…

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