Last Obama Presser Provides Shot And Chasers!!!!!!

suyts space

Good heavens!!!! There’s too much to this to do it justice in the short time I have, so hopefully the commentators will help with that. But, let’s just go to the surface, for now ……… Shot ……


Chaser ……….

During his word salad of a press conference today, President Obama was asked about the cyber threat posed by Russia. Obama said he previously had given Putin this three-word warning about Russian hacking:

@POTUS on Russia email hacking

— BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld) December 16, 2016

Well, look, the Russian hacking bs is the leftards’ narrative, not mine. But, if we’re to believe our current POTUS, they did hack the leftards. And, apparently, while it was happening, president Zero told them to “cut it out”. ………. while we’re being seen as “stronger and more respected by almost every country on earth”.

This is as stupid as the Kurt Eichenwald/Tucker…

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