And For The Win!!!!!!! Do it, Pruitt!!!!!

suyts space


In case you haven’t heard, yet, Trump just nominated Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the EPA!!!!!!!

Now, I’ve got church choir practice in just a few, but, this deserves some celebratory Irish Crème for my coffee!

As AG for OK, Pruitt has opposed the EPA in almost every opportunity! As the EDF put it, “Tries to block every EPA rule he sees”. Ha!!!!!! I can almost hear the heads exploding as we speak!!!!!

He’s everything the greentards hate! He’s a climate skeptic, he’s against the intrusion and overreach of the federal government, he’s also a friend of the Greens of Hobby Lobby and intervened on their behalf to the SCOTUS on their roil!

While I’m skeptical of some of Trump’s picks, such as McMahon for the SBA, this one hits it out of the park! Go Team!!!!!!!

I think the futures for both traditional and alternate…

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